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Buying Underlay

The traditional way that consumers have purchased carpet underlay is fast changing! When we need new carpets without hesitation we (always used to) trundle off to the nearest carpet superstore (Yes, I'm sure you know the ones!), choose the carpet and then include all the accessories such as underlay and gripper in the final purchase. All brought from the giant superstore - with their vast overheads to pay for!! Click on the 'BUY NOW' button below to choose and purchase your new carpet underlay with Flooring HUT.

Buy Carpet Underlay

This is typical of the way we, as consumers still buy many different products. However, the Internet, online shopping and companies such as Flooring HUT enable us to now buy carpet underlay and flooring accessories separately from the purchase of the carpet - and most importantly SAVE MONEY!!!

Buying a new carpet for your home of business premises is expensive enough and it thus makes a great deal of sense to make cost savings on your purchase of underlay - WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON QUALITY.

You can find all the leading brands of underlay such as Tredaire, Duralay and Cloud 9 and our own brand of Comfi cheap underlay on the Flooring HUT website. We offer great rates on delivery and all the gripper, matting, doorbars/carpet metals, tapes & adheisves and matting you will need.

"In this day and age it's hard to find a company that actually put the customer first, and they care, even when they've taken their money. First class company. Highly recommended. "

R E Guest
9th June 2019