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Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm

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Information About Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm

Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm is manufactured using 100% electricity made from renewable sources. It's nature tone and stylish colour add a distinctive touch to contemporary furniture, providing inspiration for a hospitality feel.

Thickness 2 mm
Full Roll Length x Width 30 m x 183 cm

Product Information

The Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm is a prime choice among quality and eco-conscious consumers. This product is produced using 10037 electricity which is sourced entirely from renewable energy sources, promoting a greener, more sustainable future. This desktop comes in a unique orange blast colour, adding a vibrant appeal to any setting alongside its durable nature. Its thickness measures in at 2mm, making it a sturdy and reliable desktop option.

The product has a distinctive character brought about by its stylish colour and natural tone. Its colour richness is blended with an aesthetic edge that appeals to contemporary furniture champions and those looking to bring a unique touch to their spaces. The appealing colour lends itself to a variety of settings and can be utilised for a range of applications. Notably, the orange blast tone offers a lively and energetic ambience that can inspire a hospitality-like feel in the workspace, creating a more welcoming and warm atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

Forbo's Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop comes in a full roll length and width of 30 metres and 183 centimetres respectively, making it versatile for both small and large furniture projects. Its recyclability also adds to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for environmentally aware consumers. The product's thickness, plus its all-natural and vibrant colour and tone, make this desktop linoleum a durable, stylish, and environmentally conscious selection for any furnishing needs. The Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop stays true to form with its reputation as an appealing desktop choice that blends functionality and sustainability seamlessly.

Product Overivew

- The Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm highly regarded among eco-friendly consumers.
- Crafted using 100% renewable energy sources, thus significantly contributing to environmental sustainability.
- Boasts an exciting 'orange blast' colour that breathes life into any setting while offering durability.
- Thickness is an impressive 2mm, ensuring a secure and sturdy choice for a workstation.
- Its unique colour and natural tone present an appealing contemporary character.
- The vibrant orange hue suits various settings and is suitable for different purposes.
- The energetic orange blast shade can infuse a warm, welcoming ambiance into the workspace.
- Comes in a generous roll length of 30 metres and a width of 183 centimetres, making it perfect for both compact and expansive projects.
- The product is recyclable, making it a top pick for environmentally aware customers.
- Its remarkable thickness, natural colour, and sustainability make this a functional, stylish and environmentally conscious choice for your furnishing requirements.
- This product upholds Forbo's reputation by seamlessly merging functionality and sustainability, making it a highly attractive option for a desktop.

Further information related to Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum Desktop Orange Blast 4186 2mm

Check out the full range of Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum available to buy online through Flooring HUT. We can also introduce you to a much more varied selection of Commercial Roll Vinyl from other leading brands and manufacturers in the UK.

If your organisation specifies Forbo throughout it's premises we can help further by directing you to our Forbo dedicated section where you can view, sample and purchase Forbo for your home and workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Forbo
Brand Forbo
Range Forbo Marmoleum Furniture Linoleum
Thickness mm 2
Width mm 1830
Installation Glue Down
Roll Width 1.83m Width
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 3-7
Per Meter Squared 0
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great price and straightforward ordering process and delivery
Review Star RatingReview Star RatingReview Star RatingReview Star RatingReview Star Rating
Steve Ryan

We’ve had fantastic service from Flooringhut. Phoned up and Paul was really helpful in confirming that we could receive our order on the Friday and sure enough, before 9am on the agreed date we received the order. Highly recommended and we will be using again soon when ordering some more flooring for the hallway.
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