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Forbo Marmoleum Solid Cocoa Curcuma 3587 2.5mm

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Information About Forbo Marmoleum Solid Cocoa Curcuma 3587 2.5mm

Innovation that comes naturally - Forbo Solid Marmoleum Cocoa embraces Forbo's ethos of sustainable design and truly is a new addition to Forbo Marmoleum flooring. By adding real Cocoa shellsto the traditional Marmoleum ingredients Forbo have created a new and exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and contemporary in feel. The inclusion of cocoa adds a rich granular look that is fresh, modern and also provides dirt hiding properties.

Forbo Marmoleum Solid Curcuma 3587 2.5mm is Eco Friendly and has an R9 slip resistance rating.

Thickness 2.5 mm
Full Roll Length x Width ≤33 m x 200 cm

Product Information

Forbo Marmoleum Solid Cocoa Curcuma 3587 25mm is a ground-breaking innovation that embodies Forbo’s ethos of sustainable design. This product represents a fresh addition to Forbo's popular Marmoleum flooring collection. It sets itself apart by incorporating actual cocoa shells into the traditional Marmoleum ingredients, creating a new, intriguing surface texture. The interplay between the conventional Marmoleum ingredients and cocoa shells results in a texture that is not only natural-looking but also delivers a contemporary ambiance. The incorporation of cocoa adds a distinctive rich, granular outlook, giving it a modern, fresh look with the added benefit of hiding dirt effectively.

The Forbo Marmoleum Solid Cocoa Curcuma 3587 25mm is not only innovative in design but also maintains strong eco-friendly credentials. In line with Forbo's sustainable mission, this product is designed with environmental consciousness as a key focus. The utilization of real cocoa shells does not lead to waste, as it acquires its unique aesthetic from a natural, usually discarded, by-product. Furthermore, the intrinsic properties of cocoa shells give the material a robustness that increases its lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacement and thus reducing its environmental impact.

Moreover, this product has been specially engineered to include an R9 slip resistance rating. Ensuring safety is paramount, particularly in settings where the floor surface may be exposed to damp or liquid spills. The R9 rating means this Marmoleum flooring has a higher degree of slip resistance compared to most standard floors. Being slip-resistant means it can prevent potential accidents and the resulting injuries, promoting a safer environment in both residential and commercial settings.

This Marmoleum variant has its dimensions defined as a 25mm thickness and comes in a full roll length x width of 33 m x 200 cm. This makes it easily adaptable to a variety of floor sizes and space requirements. With its versatile dimension, it can be perfectly fitted and seamlessly applied to a range of spaces from homes, offices, entertainment venues, to commercial establishments. The standard roll dimensions are especially handy for projects requiring large amounts of flooring, simplifying installation and reducing wastage, delivering both financial and environmental benefits.

Product Overivew

- Ground-breaking innovative design by Forbo featuring inclusion of actual cocoa shells.
- Represents a fresh addition to Forbo's highly popular Marmoleum flooring collection.
- Creates an intriguing surface texture that enhances natural look and lends a modern appeal.
- Cocoa inclusion brings a rich, granular outlook that effectively hides dirt.
- Strong eco-friendly credentials in line with Forbo's sustainable mission.
- Utilizes a usually discarded cocoa shell by-product, reducing waste and environmental impact.
- Cocoa shells enhance the product's robustness, thereby increasing its lifespan and decreasing the need for replacement.
- Features an R9 slip resistance rating for superior safety credentials, making it ideal for environments prone to dampness or spills.
- Dimensions are defined as a 25mm thickness with full roll size of 33 m x 200 cm, making it adaptable to a variety of floor sizes and space requirements.
- Versatile use in both residential and commercial locations, including homes, offices, entertainment venues and commercial establishments.
- Large roll dimensions simplify installation and reduce waste, providing financial and environmental benefits.

Further information related to Forbo Marmoleum Solid Cocoa Curcuma 3587 2.5mm

Check out the full range of Forbo Marmoleum available to buy online through Flooring HUT. We can also introduce you to a much more varied selection of Trade Sheet Vinyl from other leading brands and manufacturers in the UK.

If your organisation specifies Forbo throughout it's premises we can help further by directing you to our Forbo dedicated section where you can view, sample and purchase Forbo for your home and workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Forbo
Brand Forbo
Range Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa
Thickness mm 2.5
Width mm 2000
Installation Glue Down
Colour Beige, Brown, Grey
Function Non-Slip, Safety Floor
Roll Width 2m Width
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 3-7
Per Meter Squared 0
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Mark Atherton

Very efficient and good value for money - keep up the good work!
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Alan Ridley

I needed to purchase a quantity of Rimini Carpet Tiles, having looked on the web Flooring Hut came up with the best price, sceptical I telephoned to check availability and lead time! they could not have been more helpful, having contacted supplier they confirmed delivery within 3/4 days and they a
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