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Underlay Advice (Scroll down the page to find relevant advice and tips)
Underlay makes a significant difference to the home. A good quality, new underlay will help a carpet to feel better, look better and last longer.

Underlay acts as a "shock absorber" between your new carpet and the floor. Floors themselves have no "give" or resilience, so when you walk on a carpeted floor with no underlay all the pressure is absorbed by the carpet, rapidly accelerating its wear!

At Flooring HUT we have a huge range of vinyl, wood and carpet underlay products to meet the exact needs, and budget, of all consumers. Whatever you require – whether it is underfoot luxury, durability or a product to suit a wood or laminate floor, or underfloor heating, we can supply and deliver to your door a range of high quality underlay options.

It is our mission to enable our customers to understand the benefits of the right underlay for their room, home or property. On this page you will find sound advice and graphics helping to exlpain the features and benefits of underlay from leading brands such as Tredaire, Duralay and Cloud 9.

Tredaire and Duralay underlays are designed to cater for the varying consumer requirements around the home. Tredaire sponge rubber and PU foam underlays offer a series of “Good, Better, Best” comfort options. Duralay crumb rubber underlays are ideal for heavy wear applications such as dining rooms and staircases where 100% recovery is needed. Duralay’s sponge rubber underlays are perfect for specialist applications such as wood and laminate floors and underfloor heating.

Different rooms require different products (See: Tredaire/Duralay graphic below):

Which Home Underlay

What Types of Underlay Can You Purchase and Room Guide:

  • Thick sponge underlay for luxurious underfoot comfort
  • Medium sponge underlay for bedrooms
  • Basic sponge underlay for spare bedrooms
  • Crumb rubber underlay for high traffic areas
  • Crumb rubber underlay for double /single stick applications to suit wheelchairs, walking aids, natural floor coverings or border carpets.
  • Sponge rubber underlay for underfloor heating under carpet / wood & laminate flooring

Looking for luxurious underfoot  comfort.
Choose - 
thick sponge underlay: Tredaire Ambiance or Tredaire Dreamwalk.

Dining room:
Heavy furniture may be moved around for entertaining.
Choose - 
a crumb rubber or PU underlay: Tredaire Ambiance or Tredaire Revive or Tredaire Softwalk.

Master bedroom:
Looking for medium underfoot comfort.
Choose - a medium sponge underlay: Tredaire Dreamwalk or Tredaire Softwalk.

Laminate flooring: looking to reduce sound.
Choose – a noise reducing underlay: Wood and Laminate Flooring Underlay.

Staircase & Landing:
Looking for durability due to high traffic.
Choose - a crumb rubber underlay: 
Tredaire Ambiance or Tredaire Revive.

Spare Bedroom:
Looking for minimal underfoot comfort.
Choose - a basic sponge underlay:
Tredaire Super 10 or Super 8.

Conservatory (at rear):
With a natural floorcovering (such as coir, sisal or seagrass).
Choose - a 
double stick crumb underlay: Duralay Double Stick System 10.

Underfloor Heating:
Choose - a specialist underfloor heating underlay with a low tog rating: Duralay Underfloor Heating Underlay.


  • Are wheelchairs and/or walking aids used?
  • Is there a border carpet? Choose - a double / single stick crumb rubber underlay: Duralay Double Stick System 10.

Check out the full range of Underlay available through Flooring HUT.

"A fast and efficient delivery of the product and excellent value. It is now laid and looks gorgeous. Many thanks. "

Valerie Stroud
3rd January 2020