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Gerflor Mipolam Troplan Tiles

Gerflor Mipolam Troplan Tiles

Gerflor Mipolam Troplan Tiles is a range of Homogeneous Flooring with directional designs and densely compacted surfaces offers improved wear and ease of maintenance. Troplan is part of the well established Mipolam range which already has an outstanding reputation for its performance in health and education buildings. Benefits of Mipolam Troplan Homogeneous Flooring:

M Group => Good abrasion resistance
Exclusive and patented Evercare® surface treatment => easy maintenance, nox wax for life & high stain resistance
Palette of 18 semi-directionnal colours
TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 => indoor air quality

" The delivery has now been received as promised and I was kept in touch with estimated delivery time. "

Pammy T
25th April 2019