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Abingdon Flooring


Abingdon Flooring

Abingdon Flooring

Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets. They are a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North of England. Employing a total workforce of 400 people, Abingdon Flooring currently produce in excess of nine million square metres of high quality carpets per annum.

They only use the best, top grade raw materials when making their carpets. A strong lineup of consumer brands offer a product portfolio second to none, giving you a choice of style, colour, price and suitability, all backed up by their unique guarantees.

Abingdon Stainfree

The original and still the best easy-clean carpet! With Stainfree you get stain protection against all food and drinks all backed up with with a free lifetime guarantee. All Abingdon Stain free carpets are manufactured in Britain using the latest no stain technology and are designed to prevent food and drink spillages from entering the pile fibre so that quick cleaning can remove the spills before they stain. Check out our best selling ranges of Abingdon carpets:

Abingdon Carpet Tiles

Hardwearing, durable and versatile. The Abingdon carpet tiles range of hardwearing, durable and versatile floor tiles are the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as hallways and office spaces. Available in a wide range of stylish colours to give your interior a modern appearance, these products were created with the demands of the commercial market in mind. See below for our best seliing ranges of Abingdon carpet tiles:

Abingdon Vinyl Floors

Water resistant, slip resistant, durable and versatile. The Abingdon vinyl floor ranges are the ideal for selection in rooms where moisture may be a problem such as Kitchens and Bathrooms. A collection of quality cushion flooring options available in a wide range of colour selections including natural effects and on trend designs. There’s something for everyone. See below for our best selling ranges of Abingdon sheet vinyl floors:

Admired throughout the industry for the high-quality of products they produce, Abingdon Flooring have always placed their carpets through an ongoing testing cycle. Their centre of Development and Excellence in their South Wales factory, not only provides state-of-the-art facilities for the research and development of carpets, it also houses a fully-equipped testing laboratory for on-going quality control allowing the company to stay at the top of their game on product quality and production.

Abingdon Flooring give you their assurance that they only use the best, top grade raw materials when making Abingdon carpets and they have an ongoing investment programme which ensures that the company continue to remain at the cutting edge of technology performance and customer care. Guaranteeing they are always working towards meet all the needs of all their customers.

If you would like to view our complete line-up of online carpets; roll vinyl floors or carpet tiles available at Flooring Hut please click the relevant link in this sentence and we can introduce you to all of the carpets and floors we currently offer in the UK.

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  12. Abingdon Stainfree Country Collection 18 items
  13. Abingdon Stainfree Country Life 14 items
  14. Abingdon StainFree Finesse 18 items
  15. Abingdon Stainfree Indulgence 15 items
  16. Abingdon Stainfree Maximus 18 items
  17. Abingdon Stainfree Olympus 12 items
  18. Abingdon Stainfree Panache 15 items
  19. Abingdon Stainfree Pure Elegance 17 items
  20. Abingdon Stainfree Rustique 14 items
  21. Abingdon Stainfree Rustique Deluxe 14 items
  22. Abingdon Stainfree Rustique Saxony 14 items
  23. Abingdon Stainfree Satin Touch 16 items
  24. Abingdon Stainfree Sophisticat 16 items
  25. Abingdon Stainfree Style 12 items
  26. Abingdon Stainfree Tweed 20 items
  27. Abingdon Stainfree Twist 18 items
  28. Abingdon Stainfree Ultra 24 items
  29. Abingdon Stainfree Wilton 25 items
  30. Abingdon Wild Silk 12 items
  31. Abingdon Wilton Royal Balmoral 10 items
  32. Abingdon Wilton Royal Balmoral Deluxe 10 items
  33. Abingdon Wilton Royal Charter Berber Deluxe 20 items
  34. Abingdon Wilton Royal Charter Berber Loop 12 items
  35. Abingdon Wilton Royal Charter Plain Loop 12 items
  36. Abingdon Wilton Royal New Royal Windsor 12 items
  37. Abingdon Wilton Royal Royal Charter 22 items
  38. Abingdon Wilton Royal Royal Charter Deluxe 22 items
  39. Abingdon Wilton Royal Royal Sovereign 12 items

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