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Cormar Carpets

Cormar Carpets

We are proud to be able to supply Cormar Carpets online and provide a UK-wide delivery service to our customers. The Cormar Carpet Company are dedicated to quality carpets. They have been designing and manufacturing high-quality carpets since 1956, providing the perfect finishing touch to homes all across the UK.

Cormar Carpet Company - there is no better combination of quality, value and choice than a Cormar carpet. This manufacturer delivers an outstanding and comprehensive range of easy clean polypropylene carpet, wool twist carpet, and textured loop carpet in plain and heather shades, all manufactured in the UK by Cormar Carpet Co. Ranges are updated on a continuous basis to ensure that the colours and styles remain in tune with current home furnishing styles.

Only the best quality yarns in 100% pure new wool, 80% wool blends and easy clean polypropylene are used and most ranges are available in both four and five metre widths for carpeting wider rooms without joins. All carpets in our selection of Cormar Carpets offered by Flooring Hut are practical and durable enough to withstand the most testing domestic footfall.

Over 1 million people choose a Cormar Carpet Co every year. Select from the superb line-up of Cormar Carpets below:

Their award-winning carpets come in a range of styles and materials from wool twist and wool loop, to soft deep pile and easy clean. So no matter your taste, you can trust Cormar Carpets to always deliver the highest quality in carpets, design and customer service. All of their carpets are built with the very best materials and craftsmanship to provide a luxurious feel to all of our products. Order a free sample and discover these very high-quality carpets for yourself. Our best selling Cormar ranges are as follows:

Cormar Carpets - Look No Further for Inspiration!

Whether it's a family lounge to share those special moments together, a stairway to heaven, or a luxurious haven to catch up on well deserved, peaceful rest, draw inspiration from Cormar's wide choice of carpets to suit every taste and every home!

Light Colours
Lighten up your home with a lighter coloured carpet. Pale shades in creams and light greys help add space throughout.

Contemporary Cormar Carpets
Contemporary carpets with tempting textures make the floor a real feature, adding the look of modern flooring.

Soft, Deep Pile
Sinking your feet into a deep pile carpet adds a touch of luxury to your home. Ideally suited to the bedroom.

Dark Carpets
There's no need to be afraid of the dark when it comes to your home! Dark carpets can create a welcoming space.

Stairs & Hallways
Whether you are looking for a soft and luxurious bedroom carpet or a more durable carpet for a bedroom, Cormar have the perfect solution.

Grey Carpets
A wide selection of grey carpets are available, from warm stoney greys to light silvers and deep charcoals.

Bedroom Carpets
Whether you are looking for a soft and luxurious bedroom carpet or a more durable carpet for a bedroom.

Living Room & Lounge Carpets
All Cormar carpets are suitable for use as a lounge and living room carpet.

Wool Collections
Wool is 100% natural and is extremely durable, versatile and resilient. It has a natural ‘crimp’ to it.

Easy Clean Carpets
Cormar make a wide selection of easy clean carpets in cut pile twist and deep soft pile styles.

Family & Pet Friendly
Cormar family-friendly carpets are soft enough to play on, durable enough to cope with kids and double-up as pet-proof.

Wool Loop
Create a modern, urban look with a level loop pile carpet or a rustic chic effect with a textured loop.

Striped Carpets
Create a modern contemporary hallway or staircase with their striped carpets.

Wool Twist Carpets
Using nature's finest carpet fibre, wool twist carpets are made from yarn that is tightly twisted.

Carpets for Children's Rooms
Choosing the perfect carpet for your little one's room can be quite a task, but you will be sure to find a match with your requirements.

Dining Rooms
Homeowners are increasingly choosing carpet as a soft but practical floorcovering to run throughout their home.

If you would like to view our complete line-up of online carpets available at Flooring Hut please click the relevant link in this sentence and we can introduce you to all of the carpets we currently offer in the UK.

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