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Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Get inspired with Flooring Hut! View, sample and buy online the latest trends in grey luxury vinyl flooring. We have been in business online since 2015 and showcasing the very best grey LVTs from leading UK manufacturers such as Amtico; Karndean; Polyflor and Luvanto among many. Our leading LVT ranges include the following: Exclusive by Flooring Hut; Polyflor Camaro; Polyflor Camaro Loc; Karndean Knight Tile; Karndean Van Gogh; Amtico Spacia; Amtico Signature: Luvanto Click Plus and Luvanto Design.

We are also delighted and excited to introduce to you the Flooring Hut own-brand collections of grey luxury vinyl flooring. We have curated the very best luxury vinyl tiles across a choice of price ranges. Our Burleigh range delivers ultimate value-for-money in a great hardwearing LVT floor. Our premium Burrnest collection of grey luxury vinyl floors offer outstanding style and looks combined with superior durability.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are renowned for the ability to imitate high-end flooring designs to an impeccable standard. Built with multiple layers, the robust flooring not only looks amazing but is the toughest flooring on the market too. Easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to fit, it’s no wonder LVT has become the flooring of choice for many UK homeowners. You can view our complete line-up of superb luxury vinyl flooring and make an informed choice in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Polyflor LVTs
Polyflor LVT offer design-led luxury vinyl plank and tile floor coverings available in multiple size formats. Incorporating a variety of realistic surface textures, the collections authentically capture the latest trends in wood, stone and abstract materials. Suitable for use in commercial and residential interiors.

Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles
There are three types of LVT flooring offered by Karndean: Gluedown, Loose Lay and Rigid Core. We can sample and supply the following Karndean flooring ranges, all of which come with the full manufacturer guarantee and warranty that is also transferable: Art Select; Da Vinci; Knight Tile; Korlok; LooseLay; Opus; Van Gogh.

Luvanto Flooring LVT
Luvanto Flooring LVT is the UK's favourite luxury vinyl flooring and one of the leading brands of luxury design flooring, manufactured exclusively by QA Flooring Solutions. This premium flooring product is available to purchase on the Flooring Hut website at the lowest online prices!

Amtico Flooring
Effortlessly transform your home with the diverse selection of luxury vinyl Amtico flooring. With functionality for everyday life and an extensive range of patterns and colours, Amtico has flooring to suit every interior. Their products are exclusively designed and crafted in Britain, ensuring expert quality and unrivalled craftsmanship. We can supply their superb collections: Amtico Signature; Amtico Form; Amtico Spacia; Amtico Click Smart.

Lifestyle Floors
The Lifestyle Floors luxury vinyl tiles collection presents a fabulous array of striking and decorative stone and wood designs. We are sure that their collection contains the perfect colour and finish that you’ve been looking for

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  1. Carina Plank Dryback 1 item
  2. Flooring Hut Burleigh 23 items
  3. Flooring Hut Burrnest 25 items
  4. Flooring Hut Burrnest Click SPC 4 items
  5. Flooring Hut Burrnest Next Step 1 item
  6. Flooring Hut Burrnest Rigid Core 8 items
  7. Forbo Allura Click Pro 6 items
  8. Forbo Allura Flex Wood 9 items
  9. Forbo Allura Material 71 items
  10. Forbo Allura Puzzle 9 items
  11. Forbo Allura Wood 29 items
  12. Forbo Enduro 6 items
  13. Forbo Marmoleum Click 7 items
  14. Furlong Endura SPC 7 items
  15. Gerflor Creation 30 10 items
  16. Gerflor Creation 30 Solid Clic 10 items
  17. Gerflor Creation 40 Rigid Acoustic 5 items
  18. Gerflor Creation 55 8 items
  19. Gerflor Creation 55 Looselay 6 items
  20. Gerflor Creation 55 Rigid Acoustic 9 items
  21. Gerflor Creation 55 Solid Clic 15 items
  22. Karndean Art Select 13 items
  23. Karndean Da Vinci 4 items
  24. Karndean Knight Tile 6 items
  25. Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Core 7 items
  26. Karndean LooseLay 2 items
  27. Karndean Palio Core 4 items
  28. Karndean Palio Gluedown 2 items
  29. Karndean Palio Looselay 4 items
  30. Karndean Palio Rigid 1 item
  31. Karndean Van Gogh 18 items
  32. Karndean Van Gogh Rigid Core 1 item
  33. Lifestyle Floors Colosseum 5G 10 items
  34. Luvanto Click Plus 12 items
  35. Luvanto Design 12 items
  36. Luvanto Endure Pro 6 items
  37. Luvanto Herringbone 1 item
  38. Luvanto Pace 3 items
  39. LX Hausys Decotile 30 1 item
  40. Moduleo Layred 22 items
  41. Moduleo Moods 42 items
  42. Moduleo Roots 40 6 items
  43. Moduleo Roots 55 13 items
  44. Moduleo Roots 55 EIR 11 items
  45. Moduleo Roots Herringbone 1 item
  46. Paragon Duera 5mm Stone 10 items
  47. Paragon Duera 5mm Wood 3 items
  48. Paragon Rapport 2.5mm Stone 1 item
  49. Paragon Rapport 2.5mm Wood 1 item
  50. Polyflor Affinity 2 items
  51. Polyflor Bevel Line 6 items
  52. Polyflor Camaro 8 items
  53. Polyflor Camaro Loc 5 items
  54. Polyflor Camaro Rigid Core PUR 9 items
  55. Polyflor Colonia 8 items
  56. Polyflor Expona Commercial 25 items
  57. Polyflor Expona Control 2 items
  58. Polyflor Expona Control Stone 1 item
  59. Polyflor Expona Design 10 items
  60. Polyflor Expona Encore Rigid Loc 3 items
  61. Polyflor Expona Simplay 7 items
  62. Quick Step Alpha Oro Base 3 items
  63. Quick Step Alpha Bloom 3 items
  64. Quick Step Alpha Blos 3 items
  65. Quick Step Alpha Blos Base 2 items
  66. Quick Step Oro 2 items
  67. Sirona Plank Dryback 5 items
  68. Sirona Tile Dryback 3 items
  69. Tarkett iD Click Ultimate 55 & 55 Plus 20 items
  70. Tarkett iD Click Ultimate 70 & 70 Plus 16 items
  71. Tarkett iD Inspiration 30 9 items
  72. Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 - Authentics 1 item
  73. Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 - Classics 12 items
  74. Tarkett iD Inspiration Click HT 70 4 items
  75. Tarkett iD Inspiration Click Solid 30 13 items
  76. Tarkett iD Inspiration Click Solid 55 14 items
  77. Tarkett iD Inspiration High Traffic 70 9 items
  78. Tarkett Starfloor Click Ultimate 30 6 items
  79. Tarkett Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 4 items
  80. TLC Massimo Invent 3 items
  81. TLC Massimo Wood 2 items
  82. TLC True Forest 10 items
  83. Westex Flooring Natural Wood LVT 2 items
  84. Westex Flooring Select Wood LVT 2 items
  85. Westex Flooring Stone Tile LVT 1 item
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  1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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