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Polyflor Strips

Polyflor Flooring Strips

GROUTING STRIPS - have been developed to add to the authenticity of the overall floor. Typically laid between tiles, they can really bring an installation to life. Grouting Strips can also be utilised to create a room perimeter or feature area, such as around island units. As a tip, they can be used as a subtle close-to-tile colour addition or as a contrasting highlight effect.

MARQUETRY STRIPS - Used in a similar way to Grouting Strips, the Marquetry Strips are offered to create that authentic and highly desirable detailed wood floor installation. They can be laid between planks to create a ’ships decking’ effect or as a perimeter or highlight feature.

FEATURE STRIPS - The Feature Strips provide an alternative look to the Grouting and Marquetry options, providing a bolder and more graphic look to the installation, which are also inlaid with tiles and planks.

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9th June 2019

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