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Hardboard 4' x 2' Sheet

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Information About Hardboard 4' x 2' Sheets

Thickness 3.6mm

Product Information


Hardboard 4 x 2 sheets, with a thickness of 36mm, are engineered products derived from wood. Known for their durable and smooth surface, these sheets comprise compressed fibres derived from fine particles of wood. The thickness of 36mm offers excellent stiffness, making these hardboard sheets suitable for a wide range of construction and industrial applications. The use of these hardboards is highly prevalent within DIY projects, tradesmen workshops, and mass production industries worldwide due to their remarkable strength, high-density, and cost-efficient nature.

Not only are these engineered wood products lightweight and easy-to-cut, but they are also highly resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting. This makes them an ideal solution for many professionals who require reliable materials in their projects. In most scenarios, these hardboard sheets are used in flat applications due to their inherent construction advantage. Given the board size of 4 x 2, they seem to be versatile as they could be used for a broad array of applications, be it commercial or residential projects.


Primarily, the 36mm thick hardboard sheets are used in a wide range of construction applications such as floor covering, panelling, general decorative projects, and furniture construction. They provide an excellent base for veneers, laminates, or simple painting as their smooth surfaces ensure a flawless finish. Thanks to their unwavering durability, they are also utilised in constructing high-quality countertops, cabinets, and shelving units.

Apart from construction, these hardboards are frequently used in the automotive industry for creating interior parts, boot linings, and underlays for cars. The size and thickness of these boards make them suitable for applications in the packaging industry, namely the production of sturdy boxes and crates. Schools and craft centres also employ these hardboard sheets for use within pottery, arts and crafts finally, due to their acoustic insulation properties, hardboard sheets are used in the construction of music studios and soundproof rooms. In summation, hardboard 4 x 2 sheets of 36mm thickness prove to be versatile, durable, and cost-efficient materials that cater to a variety of industries.

Product Overivew

- Engineered from fine wood particles, hardboard 4 x 2 sheets with 36mm thickness have a smooth, durable surface.
- High-density compressed fibres ensure excellent stiffness, suitable for a wide range of applications.
- With their lightweight and easy-to-cut properties, these sheets offer great flexibility in use.
- The hardboard sheets demonstrate a high resistance to warping, cracking and splitting.
- The 4 x 2 dimension of these boards lends itself to the versatility of their use in both commercial and residential settings.
- Primarily used in the construction industry for floor covering, panelling, furniture and decorative projects.
- Perfect base for applying veneers, laminates and paint due to their smooth surfaces.
- Extensively used in the construction of countertops, cabinets and shelves due to their unwavering durability.
- Widely employed in the automotive industry for the creation of interior parts and underlays.
- Ideal choice in the packaging industry for the manufacturing of robust boxes and crates.
- Popular choices for arts and crafts in schools and craft centres.
- Hardboard sheets are also used in music studios and soundproof rooms due to their acoustic insulation properties.
- To sum up, these hardboard sheets are versatile, durable and cost-efficient. They serve a diverse range of industries around the world.

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Manufacturer Burrnest
Brand LX Hausys
Range Miscellaneous
Business Delivery Only No
Per Meter Squared 0
Thickness 3.6mm
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Tony Kesterton

good price and delivered quickly
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Valerie Stroud

fast and efficient delivery of the product and excellent value. It is now laid and looks gorgeous. Many thanks.