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Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14

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Information About Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze - AR0AAL14

The Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14. Be unique and bring sophistication into your home with Alchemy Haze.


  • 304.8 x 304.8mm
  • 304.8 x 457.2mm
  • 457.2 x 457.2mm
  • 304.8 x 609.6mm
  • Xtra 457.2 x 914.4mm
  • 152.4 x 457.2mm


Amtico Signature is the flagship collection of products, pushing the boundaries through inspirational, cutting edge design, all beautifully crafted to meet your design vision. Amtico Signature Abstract Alchemy Haze is a high performance yet comfortable surface underfoot. 

Amtico Guarantee
This Amtico Signature floor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Product Information

The Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14 is a pioneering product designed with exceptional craftsmanship aiming to fulfil all your flooring requirements. Brimming with sophistication, it provides a distinctive touch of elegance within your interior design. With an assortment of tile sizes available, including 3048 x 3048mm, 3048 x 4572mm, 4572 x 4572mm, 3048 x 6096mm, extra-large 4572 x 9144mm, and 1524 x 4572mm, this product provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of spaces. Whether it is for residential, light commercial or heavy commercial areas, the tiles cater to a large array of utilities. This high-performance floor sports a superior ceramic finish and a comfortable underfoot surface, ensuring optimal user comfort and experience.

The Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14 includes a remarkable wear layer of 10mm and epitomises a fusion of cutting-edge design with inspirational aesthetics. The total thickness of 25mm helps maintain an impressive lifespan for this product, making it an ideal choice for locations expecting heavy foot traffic. The collection portrays innovation at its best with the abstract alchemy design setting it apart from conventional flooring options. The Amtico Signature line, renowned for its flagship collection of products, strikes a perfect balance between sturdy construction and visually appealing designs. The Alchemy Haze variant enhances the aura of any space it is installed in, be it home or a business venue, giving it a refined and chic look.

The Amtico Signature floor offers a lifetime warranty on the Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14, providing an assurance of the product's longevity and durability. This warranty quintessentially highlights the firm's confidence in the resilience and quality of their flooring. Therefore, consumers can rest assured about the lastingness of this Amtico Signature floor and enjoy the aesthetic charm it brings to their spaces for a lifetime. The blend of robustness, elegance, and variety make Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14 not just a flooring solution, but an opportunity to enhance the overall décor of your spaces.

Product Overivew

- Pioneering product designed with exceptional craftsmanship
- Meets various flooring requirements for both residential and commercial spaces
- Assortment of tile sizes cater to a variety of utilities
- Coated with a superior ceramic finish for accessible maintenance
- Features a comfortable underfoot surface for optimal user experience
- Includes a wear layer of outstanding 10mm safeguarding the product quality
- Total thickness of 25mm maintains a significant lifespan, ideal for heavy foot traffic regions
- Abstract alchemy design showcases a daring divergence from traditional flooring
- The Alchemy Haze variant amplifies the aura of home or business spaces
- Enhanced with the Amtico Signature touch, a perfect blend of sturdy construction and appealing designs
- A lifetime warranty ensures product's longevity and durability
- Delivers an aesthetic charm with its blend of robustness, elegance, and variety
- Excellent opportunity to enhance overall décor and create refined and chic look in spaces.

Other Information Related To Amtico Signature Alchemy Haze AR0AAL14

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More Information
Manufacturer Amtico
Brand Amtico
Range Amtico Signature
Installation Glue Down
Style Stone Effect
Warranty Lifetime
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 7-10
Per Meter Squared 2.508
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matthew hilliar

Great service great prices and a great fast delivery Well recommend flooring hut for any flooring job.
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Paul in particular has been so helpful dealing with my order and is so accommodating. The product was an excellent price and service was good. I would recommend this company.