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Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90

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Information About Amtico Signature Helsinki - AR0ACF90

The Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90 with complex layering and refracted light creates a vivid, translucent turquoise with real depth, perfectly suited to incorporating colour within more sophisticated schemes.


  • 76.2 x 914.4mm
  • 114.3 x 914.4mm
  • 152.4 x 914.4mm
  • 304.8 x 304.8mm
  • 304.8 x 457.2mm
  • 457.2 x 457.2mm
  • 304.8 x 609.6mm
  • Xtra 457.2 x 914.4mm
  • 152.4 x 457.2mm


Amtico Signature is the flagship collection of products, pushing the boundaries through inspirational, cutting edge design, all beautifully crafted to meet your design vision. Amtico Signature Helsinki is a high performance yet comfortable surface underfoot. 

Amtico Guarantee
This Amtico Signature floor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Product Information

The Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90 is a truly captivating product that fuses complex layering and refracted light to create an intricate, translucent turquoise with considerable depth. It is ideally suited to use in sophisticated interior design schemes, where a pop of colour is desired. Crafted with total thickness of 25mm, this luxurious flooring option projects refinement and elegance, making a powerful style statement in any setting.

Available in a multitude of sizes, including plank tile sizes of 762 x 9144mm, 1143 x 9144mm, 1524 x 9144mm, 3048 x 3048mm, 3048 x 4572mm, 4572 x 4572mm, 3048 x 6096mm, Xtra 4572 x 9144mm and 1524 x 4572mm, the Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90 provides ample choice in fitment size to match various design needs. The combination of the striking colour palette and the broad range of sizes enables dynamic styling options, providing the opportunity to craft spaces that are truly unique.

With a wear layer of 10mm and a sumptuously smooth ceramic surface finish, this product can deftly manage the demands of both light and heavy commercial use, as well as residential applications. The Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90 thus offers exceptional versatility, ensuring it is able to sustain high footfall while retaining its aesthetic allure. Thanks to its robust and resilient design, it offers an enviably high-performance, comfortable surface underfoot.

The Amtico Signature collection signifies the apex in flooring design, constantly pushing boundaries through inspiring, avant-garde design, all of which are impressively crafted to meet varied design visions. Furthermore, Amtico guarantees quality and durability, offering a lifetime warranty on this Signature floor. Thanks to this guarantee, customers can invest in the Amtico Signature Helsinki with the peace of mind that it is designed to last and will continue to add elegance and sophistication to their interiors for many years to come.

Product Overivew

- The Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90's captivating design features complex layering and refracted light, creating an intricate and sophisticated translucent turquoise detail with depth.
- Ideal for use in discerning interior design schemes, providing a robust pop of colour.
- Carefully crafted with a solid thickness of 25mm to ensure it offers both elegance and durability.
- Available in a rich array of sizes, accommodating a wide range of design needs and styles.
- Combines a striking colour palette and broad sizing options for unique and dynamic styling possibilities.
- Features a thick 10mm wear layer and an impeccably smooth ceramic surface finish for excellent durability.
- Ideal for commercial use in both light and heavy traffic areas, as well as for use in residential applications.
- Exceptional versatility makes it suited to high footfall areas without compromising its aesthetic allure.
- Part of the Amtico Signature collection, renowned for pushing boundaries with inspiring and avant-garde designs.
- Amtico guarantees quality and durability, offering a lifetime warranty on the Signature collection.
- Customers can have peace of mind knowing the Amtico Signature Helsinki is designed for long-lasting sophistication and elegance.

Other Information Related To Amtico Signature Helsinki AR0ACF90

Would you like to view the entire collection of Amtico Flooring? Or view full range: Amtico Signature As the leading UK retailer of Luxury Vinyl Flooring we have a much wider selection that you can peruse before making your decision to purchase. We have LVT collections from many of the leading brands as well our own-brand of luxury vinyl tiles delivering outstanding quality and value for money.

More Information
Manufacturer Amtico
Brand Amtico
Range Amtico Signature
Installation Glue Down
Style Abstract
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 7-10
Per Meter Squared 2.508
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Stuart Atkinson

Excellent service, quality products at a very competitive price.
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Lee Whattler

Was reluctant to order a carpet online, however process was easy. Samples sent promptly and phone support made me confident to purchase. Carpet was delivered on agreed date and well packaged. Would use again as massively under cut the high street