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Brockway Carpets Orion Twist Algebar

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Information About Brockway Carpets Orion Twist Algebar

Practical and stylish, the ever-popular Orion, represents affordable comfort and warmth combined with resilience and durability in a subtly varied palette, with the Orion carpet being something you will adore.

This carpet is perfect for brightening your home with a natural, semi-plain yet stylish floor covering that is destined to endure heavy traffic.

Thankfully, due to the Orion carpet range being primarily wool, it can withstand a lot of traffic, and maintain its qualities, making it the perfect carpet for a busy household. Whilst wool offers several obvious benefits such as warmth and cosiness. It also has many more key factors, such as being fire resistant, noise-absorbing, and a natural insulator. If you would like to find out more about the unique features of our wool carpets, see here.

When choosing a carpet, you should always consider the weight, our Orion twist range has two different weights, 42 and 60 (oz).

There are 12 assorted colours in the magnificent Orion Twist Carpet range, including lighter and darker styles to suit everyone's needs, which can be seen below.

This range comes in 4m and 5m width, tog rating of 1.61 and a Woven Polypropylene backing.

80% Wool Carpet, 10% Acrylic, 7% Polyester and 3% Polypropylene.


Product Information

The Orion carpet range by Brockway Carpets is a brilliant combination of style, comfort and durability, offered in a subtle palette of various shades. This carpet is constructed predominately of wool making it resilient to high traffic - a perfect selection for bustling households. Besides delivering evident benefits like warmth and a cosy texture, wool also brings several other leading qualities. Remarkably, it's fire-resistant and noise-absorbing, besides being a natural insulator.

Choosing a carpet requires a consideration of its weight, among other things. The Orion Twist range provides two distinct weights: 42 and 60 oz. This variability allows for a wider selection suitable for different room needs. Additionally, the Orion Twist range comes in two dimensions of 4m and 5m width, thus providing options for different room sizes. Apart from weight and size, the construction of the carpet is also paramount for its quality and performance.

The Orion Twist comes in a fantastic selection of 12 diverse colours, allowing for both lighter and darker styles to cater to various preferences. This wide range of choices ensures that the Orion Twist can fit into any colour scheme or decor style. From neutral hues for a minimalist aesthetic to expressive, bold colours for a more vibrant look, the carpet range has something for every household.

Brockway Carpets’ Orion Twist range boasts of a robust composition of 80% wool, 10% acrylic, 7% polyester and 3% polypropylene. This blend ensures a durable and high-performing carpet that can withstand the demands of a busy home. It has a tog rating of 1.61, highlighting its superior ability to retain warmth and provide insulation. The Orion Twist carpet collection features a woven polypropylene backing, further enhancing its durability for long-term use.

Product Overivew

• Orion carpet range by Brockway Carpets is a stylish, comfortable and durable option
• Constructed predominantly of wool, it is resilient to high traffic and perfect for busy households
• Natural properties of wool enhance its overall attractiveness, encompassing warmth, cosiness, fire-resistance, noise-absorption and insulation
• The Orion Twist range is offered in two distinct weights, 42 and 60 oz, allowing for versatile room suitability
• Available in two dimensions (4m and 5m width), it adapts to various room sizes
• Wide range of 12 diverse colours to accommodate different decor styles and preferences
• Robust composition of 80% wool, 10% acrylic, 7% polyester and 3% polypropylene ensures durability and high performance
• Tog rating of 1.61 highlights superior warmth retention and insulation capability
• Features a woven polypropylene backing for added durability and long-term use.

Further information related to Brockway Carpets Orion Twist Algebar

Check out the full range of Brockway Orion Twist available to buy online through Flooring HUT. We can also introduce you to a much more varied selection of Carpets UK from other leading brands and manufacturers in the UK.

If your organisation specifies Brockway Carpets throughout it's premises we can help further by directing you to our Brockway Carpets dedicated section where you can view, sample and purchase Brockway Carpets for your home and workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Brockway
Brand Brockway Carpets
Range Brockway Orion Twist
Colour Beige, Brown, Cream
Backing Woven Polypropylene
Tog 1.61
Carpet Width 4m, 5m
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 7-10
Construction Cut Pile
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Kate Mardel-Ferreira

Could not be happier with the product and exceptional service received from the Flooring Hut. I brought the wrong product initially so we exchanged it for the right flooring (Polyflor Camaro) which looks fantastic. They were so helpful during the whole process. I couldn't recommend them highly enough, especially for customer service
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Annie Moreton

Competitive price, quick delivery. When I realised I'd ordered incorrect type, replacement and collection efficiently arranged, no problem. Online chat with a human, email comms are pleasant and helpful