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Burmatex Infinity Heavy Contract Carpet Tiles 34714 Jade Layer

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infinity® is a 550g level loop pile carpet tile collection of 16 shades, inspired by flecked textures and colours found in raw materials and nature. Visual inspiration from rocks, gemstones, coastlines, and minerals help to create the individual aspect of this heavy commercial range. This specific characteristic of the tile provides excellent soil hiding properties.

Made from 100% Econyl® regenerated solution dyed nylon yarn and our unique BioBase® recycled backing, infinity® is low carbon and a considered choice for sustainable building projects.

The high contrast speckled appearance of infinity® makes it the ultimate product for high traffic areas, such as corridors, entrance ways, and offices.

Product Information

Infinity is a premium carpet tile collection that weighs a hefty 550g. The array features a wide selection of 16 distinct shades, with design inspiration drawn from raw materials and natural landscapes. Imagery of stony and gemstone textures, mineral colours, and coastal hues has been expertly woven into the collection's aesthetic, suggesting a unique aspect within the realm of heavy commercial ranges. These tiles also exhibit extraordinary soil hiding properties due to their distinguishing characteristics.

The materials used in the creation of this collection mirror its earth-inspired design, as they are enviromentally-friendly and geared towards sustainable building projects. Infinity carpet tiles are constructed from 100% Econyl regenerated solution-dyed nylon yarn. This yarn is not only durable and visually appealing but also highly sustainable, as it is completely regenerated and transformed from waste materials. This allows for the creation of a faultless and eco-friendly product in the form of a carpet tile.

Accompanying this regenerated nylon yarn is the BioBase recycled backing. This element further underscores the sustainability of the Infinity carpet tiles, making it a low-carbon product. The BioBase backing is a unique feature of these carpet tiles and enhances both their strength and durability. It is made from recycled materials, continuing the product's commitment to environmental sustainability and offering builders a conscientious option for their projects.

The Infinity collection, with its robust design and high contrast speckled appearance, is ideal for high-traffic areas. This includes corridors, entrance ways, and offices, where the tiles not only enhance the aesthetic of the space but also withstand constant use. The variety of shades allows for flexibility in design, offering a range to suit different styles and spaces. With their combined durability, aesthetic appeal and sustainability, these infinity carpet tiles offer a comprehensive solution for commercial flooring needs.

Product Overivew

- Infinity carpet tiles are part of a premium collection, offering a luxury finish for commercial spaces.
- Each tile weighs a significant 550g, reflecting the product's high quality and durability.
- There are 16 distinct shades within the Infinity collection, inspired by natural landscapes and raw materials.
- The array features mineral colours, coastal hues, and imagery of stony and gemstone textures.
- The tiles show extraordinary soil-hiding properties, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas.
- The Infinity collection is environmentally friendly and sustainable, designed with eco-conscious building projects in mind.
- Infinity carpet tiles are made from 100% Econyl regenerated solution-dyed nylon yarn.
- This yarn is transformed from waste materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
- The carpet tiles feature a BioBase recycled backing, which enhances their durability and strength.
- This BioBase backing is another testament to the product's commitment to sustainability, having been made from recycled materials.
- Ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors, entrance ways, and offices, due to their robust design and high contrast speckled appearance.
- The Infinity carpet tiles offer versatility in design with a variety of shades to complement any style or space.
- They combine durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability to offer a comprehensive solution for commercial flooring needs.

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More Information
Manufacturer Burmatex
Brand Burmatex
Pack Size m2 5
Range Burmatex Infinity
Thickness mm 6.8
Length mm 500
Width mm 500
Colour Green
Business Delivery Only No
Per Meter Squared 5
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Philip Wiffen

Great service arrived on time competitive prices
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Malcolm Forsyth

Worried about ordering carpets online, but reviews I'd read about Flooring Hut were positive. Very happy with the service. Prices were excellent, kept up to date throughout process and couldn't fault their service in any way. Carpets arrived very well wrapped and labelled with sizes and colours so knew exactly where each one was for. Courier delivery was also faultless and they too kept us up to date with when carpets were being delivered.