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Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge - Pearl

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Information About Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge - Pearl

Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge Pearl is a soft feel and silky look carpet with performance fibres ensuring durability and bleach-cleanable characteristics. Available in on-trend colourways, the range not only meets the demand for premium carpet, but also matches the continued consumer desire for soft pastel tones.

Knightsbridge From Flooring Hut also benefits from a 100% bleach cleanable guarantee. The range comes with the most comprehensive 10-year wear and stain warranty in the industry – protecting against absolutely any stain (other than gloss paint).

Easy Clean

Made In UK

Busy Households

Underfloor Heating

Moth Resistant

2 Ply Yarn


Commercially Rated

10 Year Warranty


  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Available Widths: 4 Metres, 5 Metres
  • Carpet Content: 100% PolyProp Easy Clean
  • Tog Rating: 2.51
  • Backing: Combi-Bac
  • Moth Resistant
  • Bleach Cleanable
  • Suitable for under flooring heating.
  • Suitable for Heavy Domestic Use
  • Made in Britan
  • 10 Year Residential Warranty

Our warranties are deliberately long-lasting. That’s because we invest time and expertise into sourcing the highest-quality carpets. We do that to ensure that our Flooring Hut carpets lasts for many years, looks great in any setting and is easy to clean and care for.

When we say our warranties are ‘industry leading’, we mean it. Protecting against more than just food and drink stains, we’re so confident in the quality of all our carpets that we’re happy to guarantee its performance, appearance, wearability and protection. For carpets, that means our warranty covers absolutely any stain, except gloss paint.

Environmental Standards
We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We work under a number of national and international laws and initiatives, and we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment.

The facility where your Flooring Hut carpet is manufactured operates to strict standards, and a zero-waste policy. Nothing goes to landfill: everything from the manufacturing process is recycled. That includes even the waste carpet scraps, which are sent to racehorse training stables for use in exercise areas.

Cleaning and Protection
Designed and manufactured in the UK, your Flooring Hut carpet is inherently low maintenance. The fibres we use are resistant to stains and moth damage, so there's no need to treat with additional chemicals. In addition a UV stabiliser is used, which protects your carpet from sun damage:

  • Vacuum regularly – this helps to remove dirt from the carpet pile, keeping it fresh and clean.
  • Protect high-traffic areas – you might choose to put a mat down at the front door, for example. This helps to protect the carpet in that area and prevents dirt being carried through the house.
  • Clean spills straight away – this is better for your carpet and helps to remove any stains quickly.
  • Consider professional cleaning – regular professional cleaning is really kind to your carpet. It removes deeper dirt and stains and brings your carpet back to life.

Product Information

Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge Pearl is a plush carpet, designed with performance fibres for increased durability and bleach-cleanable characteristics. Its chic design, boasting a soft silky appearance, is available in a range of trendy colours that not only meet the requirements for a premium carpet but also fulfil the consumer preference for gentle pastel tones. Manufactured in the UK, it has a 100% bleach cleanable guarantee and comes with an extensive 10-year wear and stain warranty - unparalleled in the carpet industry - protecting against any stain, excluding gloss paint. This well-crafted carpet is perfect for busy households and underfloor heating. It is made of 100% PolyProp, which is easy to clean and comes with a CombiBac backing. Furthermore, it has a 2-ply yarn, it is moth resistant, and it is suitable for heavy domestic use.

The warranty of Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge Pearl is intentionally extended because the company prioritises sourcing only the top-quality carpets. The objective is to ensure that the carpets not only endure many years but also appear attractive in any context and are undemanding in terms of maintenance. The protection offered is industry-leading as it covers all stains except gloss paint, providing the customers with the assurance of the carpet's superior performance, appearance, durability and protection.

Flooring Hut is deeply committed to its environmental obligations. It operates under stringent national and international regulations and is incessantly seeking measures to make a positive environmental impact. The site where your carpet is made follows strict protocols and implements a zero-waste policy. Everything from the production process, including waste carpet scraps, is recycled. For instance, the waste carpet scraps are donated to racehorse training stables for usage in workout zones, implying nothing goes to landfill.

Knightsbridge Pearl carpets, made in the UK, demand low maintenance. The fibres used are naturally resistant to stains and moth damage, eliminating the requirement for additional chemical treatments. A UV stabiliser is also incorporated to safeguard the carpet from sun damage. For cleaning, recurrent vacuuming is advised to eliminate dirt and keep it clean. Should you wish to provide further protection to the carpet, especially in high-traffic areas, placing a mat near the front door can prevent dirt spread across the house. For spills, immediate cleaning can prevent stain development. Moreover, periodic professional cleaning is beneficial to remove deep-rooted dirt, reviving the carpet back to its lustrous state.

Product Overivew

- Knightsbridge Pearl is a premium plush carpet boasting a soft, silky appearance.
- Designed with performance fibres, it offers increased durability and strength, perfect for busy households.
- It is 100% bleach cleanable, making it easy to maintain and clean.
- Comes in a variety of contemporary, pastel tones to fit different decor and style preferences.
- UK-made, lending an assurance of quality craftmanship.
- Comes with an unprecedented 10-year wear and stain warranty, covering all stains except gloss paint.
- Suitable for underfloor heating, providing an extra layer of comfort.
- Made of 100% PolyProp - a material known for being easy to clean.
- Includes CombiBac backing - a feature increasing the carpet's stability and durability.
- Features a 2-ply yarn construction, underlying its robust and hard-wearing quality.
- It is moth-resistant, ensuring its longevity and freshness.
- Knightsbridge Pearl carpets are low maintenance and naturally stain-resistant, cutting down the need for chemical treatments.
- The carpets come with a UV stabiliser to protect them from sun damage.
- Produced following stringent national and international regulations, and implementing a zero-waste policy – guaranteeing an environmentally-friendly choice.
- Flooring Hut prioritises sourcing high-quality carpets, aiming to combine longevity, attractiveness and ease of maintenance.
- The extended warranty of Knightsbridge Pearl carpets reflects Flooring Hut's confidence in its product's performance, appearance, durability and protection.
- The waste from the carpet's production process is recycled, even the carpet scraps, which are donated to racehorse training stables, ensuring zero landfill policy.
- The frequent vacuuming is recommended for cleaning, while immediate treatment of spills can prevent stain development, and periodic professional cleaning can help maintain its lustrous state.

Further information related to Flooring Hut Carpets Knightsbridge - Pearl

Check out the full range of Knightsbridge Carpets available to buy online through Flooring HUT. We can also introduce you to a much more varied selection of Domestic Carpets from other leading brands and manufacturers in the UK.

If your organisation specifies Exclusive Range throughout it's premises we can help further by directing you to our Exclusive Range dedicated section where you can view, sample and purchase Exclusive Range for your home and workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Flooring Hut
Brand Flooring Hut
Range Flooring Hut Knightsbridge
Thickness mm 15
Length mm 1498
Colour Beige
Tiles Per Box 7
Warranty 10 Years
Int Code FUR
Backing Combi-Bac
Tog 2.51
Carpet Width 4m, 5m
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 3-7
Construction Cut Pile
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Mark Lemanski

They have been very helpful, arranging for me to pick up some adhesive at short notice. Deliveries also reliable. Very competitive pricing.
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S. Auladin

Good service
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