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25cm B1 Spreader


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25cm B1 Spreader

Stainless steel adhesive spreader 25 cm


Product Information

The 25cm B1 Spreader, made from stainless steel, is a premium quality adhesive spreader specifically designed for even and efficient spreading of adhesives on various surfaces. Its impressive 25 cm length provides suitable coverage, making it ideal for both small and large projects. Manufactured from sturdy stainless steel, it is a durable and reusable tool that withstands the rigours of heavy use, while also being easy to clean and maintain.

This adhesive spreader is favoured by professionals in the trades such as construction, carpentry, and flooring due to its high-quality design and performance. In the construction and carpentry sector, it is particularly helpful in spreading adhesive evenly when installing wall panels, floor boards, and other types of materials where a strong, even adhesive bond is essential. The stainless-steel construction prevents the spreader from rusting, ensuring its longevity and reliability over time. The 25cm B1 Spreader makes applying glue or adhesive a seamless process, delivering a smooth and even layer for optimal binding.

In the context of flooring, the 25cm B1 Spreader is an indispensable tool for ensuring an even and robust adhesive bond, thus enhancing the overall aesthetic and durability. It can be effectively used for spreading adhesive across subflooring when installing carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring, facilitating better adherence and a smoother finish. Whether one is a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this adhesive spreader is a useful addition to any tool kit with its versatile application and robust design.

Product Overivew

- The 25cm B1 Spreader is constructed with premium quality stainless steel.
- Designed for even and efficient spreading of adhesives on various surfaces.
- Perfect for large projects due to its notable 25 cm length.
- Durably built with stainless steel, able to withstand intensive, heavy usage.
- Easy-to-clean and maintain, proving itself a reusable tool.
- Preferred by professionals in the construction, carpentry, and flooring sectors for its high-quality design and performance.
- Pivotal in the construction sector for spreading adhesives evenly when placing panels, floorboards and more.
- Stainless steel construction prevents rusting, thus ensuring longevity and reliability.
- Efficient application for applying glues or adhesives, creating a smooth layer for optimal binding.
- Ensures a robust and even adhesive bond, perfect for enhancing aesthetic and durability in flooring tasks.
- Useful within the flooring sector to instill better adherence and a smoother finish when installing carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring across subfloors.
- Versatile and robust design beneficial not only for professional tradespeople but also for DIY enthusiasts.
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Brand LX Hausys
Range Miscellaneous
Int Code BUR
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Sam C

The price was competitive and delivery was as advertised. Phone queries regarding products and subsequently a split delivery were answered efficiently. Thanks.
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Stephanie Pedersen

We ordered lvt from here for our kitchen/diner/small utility and downstairs toilet. The service from start to finish was second to none. The staff are very helpful with any queries and the flooring was delivered so quickly we couldn’t believe it. Would highly recommend. We have just had our flooring finished by the fitter we sourced and he asked how much we paid as he had just sourced the same brand flooring for another customer of his and he was shocked to find that we got it cheaper than he could with his ‘trade discount’