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Heavy Duty Hacksaw


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Heavy Duty Hacksaw. The Heavy Duty Hacksaw features an Aluminium grip handle, providing enhanced comfort during handling. It is equipped with a high tension blade tightening mechanism, ensuring optimal cutting performance. With a length of 300mm, this saw is ideal for effortlessly cutting through door bars.


Product Information

The Heavy Duty Hacksaw is a quintessential tool designed to aid in strenuous cutting tasks. It is characterized by an Aluminium grip handle, which not only provides enhanced comfort to the user, but also affords substantial control while handling. This mitigates the risk of accidental slips and mishandling that can lead to accidents or unsatisfactory results.

This saw's distinct feature is its high tension blade tightening mechanism. The tightening mechanism facilitates optimal cutting performance by ensuring the blade is always appropriately taut, thus eliminating chances of the blade coming loose mid-cut. The inevitably ensures precision and effectiveness in accomplishing the work, setting this tool apart from conventional hacksaws.

With an impressive length of 300mm, this Heavy Duty Hacksaw stands as an ideal choice for tasks that require brute force and persistence, such as cutting through door bars. However, despite its substantial size, the saw remains well balanced and manageable, resulting in smooth operations and finely executed tasks. This makes it suitable for both professional and DIY use, as it assures optimal results regardless of the user's experience.

Usage of the Heavy Duty Hacksaw extends to a variety of fields, especially within construction, carpentry, and DIY home improvement projects. It can cut through a wide range of materials, making it a tremendously versatile tool. However, due given its robust construction, it's particularly useful for heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting through door bars and other tougher metals. In conclusion, the Heavy Duty Hacksaw is set to be a valuable addition to any toolbox, combining comfort, precision, and durability into one package.

Product Overivew

- Designed for handling strenuous cutting tasks, making it a powerful and effective addition to any toolkit.
- Features an Aluminium grip handle, affording the user both enhanced comfort and substantial control during use.
- Safety conscious design reduces risk of slips and other mishandling accidents that could potentially occur.
- Unique high tension blade tightening mechanism guarantees an optimal cutting experience.
- Ensures the blade remains appropriately taut during cutting, increasing precision and operational effectiveness.
- Admirable length of 300mm, makes it a favourable tool for heavy-duty jobs requiring brute force.
- Well-balanced construction allows for smooth operation and finely executed tasks.
- Suitability for both professional and DIY use, providing optimal results regardless of the user's experience level.
- Found to be an incredibly versatile tool, capable of cutting through a wide range of materials.
- Particularly useful within the construction and carpentry industries, as well as for DIY home improvement projects.
- Heavy-duty performance making it especially useful in cutting tougher materials including door bars.
- A valuable addition to any toolbox, combining comfort, precision, and durability into a solid, reliable tool.
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Denise Cardone

Flooring Hut offer a good range of flooring options and the sales team are helpful and efficient, responding to queries in a timely manner. I would recommend them.
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Angela Ridley

Absolutely fantastic service and fantastic flooring. This was our 3rd order with them. Highly recommend and super fast delivery.