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Lino Roller 30kg


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Lino Roller 30kg the Roberts linoleum roller is an ideal tool for applying vinyl floor covering, carpet, and wall coverings.

With a shaft that extends from 45-70cm and a segmented roller head that is 19cm wide, it ensures constant pressure for proper adhesion.

It has a weight of 30kg.




Product Information

The Roberts Lino Roller 30kg is a perfect tool specifically designed for the application of vinyl floor coverings, carpets, and wall coverings. Featuring a shaft that can extend from 4570cm, this roller is effortlessly adaptable to suit various installation needs. Its segmented roller head is 19cm wide, allowing a generous surface area for consistent application of pressure, ensuring optimal adhesive bonding for a solid and durable finish. Weighing at 30kg, the lino roller provides enough force to stick the materials onto the surfaces effectively, offering professional results with every use.

This substantial tool is an essential asset in the toolbox of any tradesperson, professional decorator or DIY enthusiast dealing with vinyl, carpet, or wall coverings. It ensures the materials adhere perfectly onto a desired surface, eliminating bubbles and creases and resulting in a flat, sleek finish. The Roberts Lino Roller 30kg is designed to provide even and constant pressure throughout the process, thereby considerably reducing the risk of imperfections. Moreover, with its extendable shaft, it can comfortably cater to both large scale and smaller detailing work, depending on the specifics of the project.

The Roberts Lino Roller 30kg is usable not only in commercial settings by professional floor fitters and decorators but can also be utilised effectively in domestic scenarios. Its ease of use and adaptability make it an apt tool for homeowners attempting DIY projects, such as revamping their living room with a new carpet or installing a vinyl flooring in the kitchen. This robust tool's wide roller head and considerable weight allow for faster application, rendering it a time-efficient choice for such projects. Also, despite its hefty weight, this tool is user-friendly and easy to operate, making it an ideal companion to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Product Overivew

- Specifically designed for the application of various coverings including vinyl flooring, carpet, and wall coverings.
- Features a shaft that can extend from 4570cm, adjusting to suit various installation requirements.
- 19cm wide segmented roller head ensures consistent application of pressure for optimal adhesive bonding.
- Weight of 30kg provides the necessary force for effective adhesion of materials to surfaces.
- Delivers professional results, making it an essential addition to the toolbox of tradespersons, professional decorators or DIY enthusiasts.
- Ensures perfect adhesion of materials, delivering a flat, sleek finish free of bubbles and creases.
- Reduces risk of imperfections due to its constant and even pressure application.
- Extendable shaft caters to both large-scale and smaller detailed work - making it versatile for the specifics of any project.
- Suitable for both commercial and domestic use.
- Ideal for homeowners attempting DIY projects, such as new carpet installation or vinyl flooring application.
- Wide roller head and heavy weight allow for faster work execution - a time-efficient tool choice.
- User-friendly and easy to operate, despite its weight - making it perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
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Sam C

The price was competitive and delivery was as advertised. Phone queries regarding products and subsequently a split delivery were answered efficiently. Thanks.
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The Farmer

Really excellent customer experience! Delivery couldn't be made on the day I'd requested and I had some challenges with the day suggested. I called and explained the problem to the Customer Services Team and everyone went above and beyond to deliver at a time that was more convenient. Thank you to the whole Flooring Hut team!