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Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904

Box Price: £117.98 Sqmt Price: £29.50 (4m2 per Box)

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Information About Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904

The controlled geometric background of Forbo Tessera Contour is heavily influenced by repeated shapes in architecture and urban settings. The structure is relieved and broken by a more softly striated cut pile overlay to reflect the diverse human and natural elements found in these landscapes.

Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 is a very versatile carpet tile, ideal for use throughout offices large and small, communal areas and corridors. Use on its own, or in combination with any Forbo Flooring products, for creative and individual flooring designs. 

Tile Thickness: 6.3 mm
Tile Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Tiles per box: 16 Tiles = 4.00 m²

Product Information

The Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 is intrinsically composed of controlled and geometric shapes, heavily inspired by architectural forms and different urban settings. The structured design is interrupted by a softly striated cut pile overlay, which is aimed at representing the diverse blend of both human and naturally occurring elements in such landscapes. This particular design has the ability to subtly break the monotony, whilst remaining firm and structured, reflecting the natural and artificial balance we encounter in our everyday urban areas.

The meticulously designed Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 carpet tile comes with a breadth of utility. The perfect mix of contemporary design and practicality, it is ideal for use in a wide range of contexts. Whether it be in the confines of a small office, expansive communal areas or vast office corridors, the Tessera Contour series stands as a versatile choice. It endures high foot traffic whilst offering aesthetic appeal that complements any office décor.

Another notable feature of Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 is its compatibility with other Forbo Flooring products. This enables a great deal of freedom and creativity when it comes to designing individualised flooring. One can use these carpet tiles on their own or intersperse them with any other Forbo Flooring product to create a unique and personalised aesthetic. This means you can create visually dynamic flooring layouts, playing with combinations of textures and colours to suit your décor.

The tile boasts an impressive thickness of 6.3 mm and the standard size of 50 cm by 50 cm, packed in 16 tiles per box, which covers an area of 4 square meters. This enables easy transportation and installation. Conversely, the utilization of these carpet tiles does not just serve aesthetic appeal but also provides a sturdy, long-lasting and practical modern flooring solution, depicting the intricacy of Forbo's design, quality, and attention to detail in one product.

Product Overivew

- The Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 carpet tile design is inspired by architectural forms and urban settings, using geometric patterns to create a visually interesting product.
- This carpet tile design features a blend of human and natural influences, creating a diverse and appealing aesthetic ideal for breaking the monotony in any environment.
- Ideal for use across a wide range of contexts, this carpet tile design proves a versatile and practical choice, capable of enduring high foot traffic and complementing any office décor.
- The Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 carpet tile is compatible with all other Forbo Flooring products, providing incredible flexibility and creative freedom when designing personalised flooring.
- These carpet tiles can be used to create unique, visually dynamic flooring layouts, allowing for experimentation with combinations of textures and colours that can be adapted to any décor.
- Each carpet tile measures a standard 50 cm by 50 cm, providing an impressive thickness of 6.3 mm, and is packed in boxes of 16, enabling easy transportation and installation.
- This product combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, providing a sturdy and long-lasting modern flooring solution that reflects the quality and attention to detail inherent in all Forbo products.
- The Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904 carpet tile offers an elegant solution for all flooring needs, presenting a perfect blend of style, practicality, versatility, and quality assurance.

Further information related to Forbo Tessera Contour Lava Core 1904

Check out the full range of Forbo Tessera available to buy online through Flooring HUT. We can also introduce you to a much more varied selection of UK Carpet Tiles from other leading brands and manufacturers in the UK.

If your organisation specifies Forbo throughout it's premises we can help further by directing you to our Forbo dedicated section where you can view, sample and purchase Forbo for your home and workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Forbo
Brand Forbo
Pack Size m2 4
Range Forbo Tessera Contour
Thickness mm 6.3
Length mm 500
Width mm 500
Colour Grey
Business Delivery Only No
No Of Delivery Days 3-7
Per Meter Squared 4
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David Ashton

David Ashton
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M Cheung

What a pleasant experience! Customer service was brilliant. I needed a very urgent delivery for a job. I could only place the order at 3pm, yet the delivery arrives at 8am the next day at no extra cost. The driver was very polite and helped me with moving the flooring stuff despite it was meant to be a kerb-side delivery. The price was also the best I could find online so far. (My order was for Polyflor Camaro vinyl and F Ball adhesive.) I cannot recommend this company highly enough!
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